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First: The Map/Time Schedule

The map shows the bus routes and the Intermodal Transit Center (ITC), which is located at 150 East 500 North. Find your origin and destination on the map, and note the route that serves these areas. Using the nearest checkpoint to your desired bus stop, look at the Time Schedule to figure out what time you'll need to wait for your bus. If you cannot determine how to plan your trip using the map, please call one of our friendly and helpful Dispatchers at 752-2877.

Second: The Bus Stop

Drivers are instructed to only pick up passengers at approved bus stops, which are located throughout the Valley. Bus stops are easy to find. From the web you can see all system bus stops under on the Full System Map or select a route under the “Route Maps & Schedules” button to see what stops it services. We recommend that you be at your bus stop at least three minutes early so that you do not miss your bus. As your bus approaches, please wave to the Driver to get his or her attention, and stand back as the bus pulls into your stop. If it is dark you may consider using a light to ensure that the driver sees you.

Third: Your Bus

Each bus displays its route number/destination on a destination sign located above the windshield. If you are unsure if the bus serves your destination feel free to ask the Driver, they are very helpful!

Fourth: Boarding the Bus

Wait for passengers to exit before attempting to enter the bus. Our buses have a “kneeling” feature that lowers the entrance steps to approximately curb level. If you need this service, just ask the Driver to kneel the bus. If the bus is running a few minutes behind schedule and you need to make a transfer at the ITC, notify the driver, they may be able to help. Also the seats in the front of the bus are reserved for senior citizens and persons with disabilities- please be considerate and offer these seats to passengers who may need them.

Fifth: Getting Off the Bus

If you need the Driver to announce your stop please ask him or her to do so as you board the bus. When you are within one block of your destination, signal the Driver using the pull-cable switch. Stand behind the white line of the exit door until the bus has come to a complete stop. When deboarding please watch your step, especially when it is wet or icy outside!

Sixth: Fares and Transferring

There is zero fare to ride the buses. All routes will pass through the ITC. This is the easiest location to make a transfer. Look at the schedule to see when your next bus is scheduled to leave from there. Many of the buses meet at the ITC on the hour & the half hour to simplify transfers. We have a wonderful ITC to make your transfer more comfortable. This building has an indoor seated waiting area, information booth, public pay phones, restrooms, vending machines, and drinking fountains.

Travel Tips

For your safety, please hold on to seat handles or railings while the bus is moving. Fold all carts or strollers prior to boarding the bus. We ask that you follow the directions of the Driver- he or she is authorized to ask you to leave Transit property for misbehavior. To make the trip more enjoyable for you and other passengers, refrain from raising your voice, eating or drinking on the bus, or playing music without using earphones; note also that you may not smoke, spit, use obscenities or litter on the bus or Transit Property, vandals will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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