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CVTD's App Locater

Welcome to CVTD’s App Center! Listed below are web and mobile applications to help passengers navigate the CVTD system

Search "CVT Tracker" in

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These applications are created and maintained by third-party developers using CVTD’s data.

If you are an application developer interested in CVTD’s data, please fill out the form located here. If you would like to notify CVTD of a newly published application, please contact us here.


These apps are not made by CVTD. CVTD does not sell or license the apps. The apps are written by third parties.

CVTD shall not be held responsible for the content of third party websites or any issue arising from the use of third party applications. CVTD does not endorse any third party product listed above or make any guarantee as to accuracy or reliability. Proceed with care and understand any usage charges that may apply to you. CVTD reserves the right to remove/add applications listings without notice.

Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.