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Nelson/Nygaard, a national transportation planning firm, was selected to assist CVTD in developing a five year operational and capital plan. As part of this process this firm was tasked with doing an independent analysis of CVTD’s zero fare policy completed in 2012. Download chapter 10 “Fare Analysis”. Below is a general summary of the findings from this study.

Nelson/Nygaard recommended that CVTD not change its fare policy, for the following reasons:

When demographic and economic conditions are such that charging a fare does not negatively affect these key objectives, CVTD should consider implementing a fare.

As a zero fare system for 18 years, CVTD has enjoyed major administrative, operational, and customer service benefits from not charging a fare. From an administrative standpoint, a zero fare system is simple to operate, as there is no need for back-end accounting, secure storage of funds, or marketing and distribution of fare media. From an operational perspective, a zero fare system benefits from short dwell times (no one standing in line to pay, causing bus delays) and avoids disputes between operators and passengers regarding properly paid fares.


The mission of the Cache Valley Transit District is to become the premier public transportation agency serving the Cache Valley Region, with excellence and the highest quality of service.


The Cache Valley Transit District is committed to maintaining and enhancing the Region’s quality of life by:

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